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Monday - Friday:7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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Conveniently located on the corner of 54th and France in Edina.

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Our Mission is
to provide a relationship of trust, integrity and philanthropy to our clients, staff and community.
Mission defined
Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.
Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
The effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations.


Tim Murphy

The founder, Tim Murphy... A self-described "auto nut', it seems Tim Murphy, owner of Murphy Automotive was born with motor oil in his veins. A Minnesota native, Tim's early years were influenced by his father's ownership and involvement with the automotive wholesale parts business.

While a student at Roosevelt High School, shop classes developed Tim's hands-on repair skills and Normandale Community College provided business management training.

At age 20, working as a technician, then as manager of the Franklin & Nicollet 76 service station, Tim's automotive future was determined. With his father's support as co-signer, Tim became a lease/dealer and opened his first Mobil service station at 46th & Nicollet.

In the the next 30+ years his business expanded to include two Grandview Tire & Auto's, Edina Tire & Auto and ProTech Automotive.

Over the years Tim became an active leader in the service station community. This involvement led to a term as president of the 1,000 member Minnesota Service Station Association. Now known as MSSCSA.

Tim envisioned a premier 'full service' automotive repair facility with staff and equipment superior to any car dealership. Tim made his vision a reality.  The culmination of one man's ongoing commitment to total car care and quality customer service.  This is how ProTech Automotive, both Grandview Tire & Auto's and Edina Tire & Auto came to be.


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What others are saying...

They've always provided excellent service and recommendations, and they never talk down to me (a rather common occurrence for me with automotive establishments given my gender, sadly--but not here!).

Their location is great to hang out in, but also walkable to green space or to 50th and France to hang out at a coffee shop or restaurant while they work on my car.

Everyone I've ever spoken to has been friendly, from the people who've answered the phone, to the people who check me in when I arrive or pick up, to the techs who let me know what they found.

At my last appointment, the technician made recommendations based on what they'd do with their own vehicle to save me money while still addressing what my car needed done to a high standard of quality.

Highly recommended!
-Brandy Churchill

Don't we always hear the bad reports about people/business?

I recently had work done on my car at the 54th and France location--just want you to know it was a pleasure to do business there with the entire team and especially with DON! It's an unpleasant experience to have car issues for me--I HATE CAR PROBLEMS!!!! But he has a great way about him and his people skills are amazing--I couldn't say enough good things about him--as I said, car problems are on my list of least desirable thing in life but Don and your store take some of the sting out of it!!! (the rest of the staff are great too!)

Thanks again for providing a place that I trust and staffing it with great people!!

- Linda Novak

I can't say enough good things about Edina Tire & Auto. We all want to be able to just bring our cars in, and get good, honest service without any hassle. And that's what I have been getting for several years. BUT, when things go wrong, you really learn about the integrity of a business! I had very expensive work done on my car, and a pretty short time later, the engine failed. I was livid that the issue I'd paid a lot of money for didn't go away! I expected a hassle, I expected resistance, but what I got was extremely great care, several humble apologies, and every effort to rectify the situation to my satisfaction. Don was especially instrumental in making it all okay. You don't really know how great a business is until they handle a conflict, and although the conflict wasn't anything fun, it was certainly wonderful to know that I've been giving my business to a great place. The employees should be proud of all the hard work they do. The owner should know that his employees are amazing and I hope he does!! Thank you Edina Tire & Auto!!
- Shannon Cheng

For the last 15 years I have had all of my auto repairs done at Edina Auto & Tire. The entire staff has been kind, knowledgable and honest.

Recently, I was in a car accident. I called Edina Tire & Auto and the first question asked by the manager Don, was "are you all right?" The second was "is your car in a safe place?" I really appreciated Don's concern for my safety.

While Edina Tire & Auto does not perform auto body repair Don recommend a great place (Doherty's Auto Body Repair) to have the work done. I felt cared for as if I was a family member.
I highly recommend Edina Tire & Auto.
- Roberta Link

I would like to thank the team at Edina Tire for the great service they provided to my dented tire rim this past Monday. The service was fast and friendly and your price was very fair.

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